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How much money could you save by incorporating business intelligence to manage your print environment with predictive analytics and proactive maintenance? The first step to driving down costs is to discover which adjustments will make the biggest impact. Bradfield’s can give you the edge with office solutions for your printers and maintenance needs. By analyzing your businesses usage patterns and evaluating why and when your team uses its resources, we can identify areas in which your business can optimize its devices to predict costs, increase uptime, and enhance security.


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Zebra helps you provide the best patient care by the precise tracking of medical records, medications, test data, and more. We help make sure that your patient receives the best care by giving you ready access to all pertinent information throughout the patient’s stay.
Our system enables medical personnel to provide the best care possible by allowing them instant access to relevant data and share it with the rest of the patient’s care team. You’ll have the ability to collaborate and streamline access on the go. This will help ensure that the patient will receive the best treatment possible.


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Is your workspace ergonomic friendly? Are your computer space and medical cart supporting workplace wellness? With furniture designed to create a neutral posture and voluntary motion, you’ll use less energy while putting minimal stress on your body. You’re able to move when you need so you can feel alert and balanced while improving blood circulation. You’ll also be able to maneuver your medical carts effortlessly around making it easier to focus on patients. View our most popular products here! 

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The possibilities are endless with SMART Interactive displays and software that connects students, lesson content, and devices into a unified learning experience. Incorporating flexible instruction, skills development, active learning, and project-based learning, teachers, and students will have the tools needed to match and shift approaches to match individual student learning needs and allow students the freedom to explore.

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Technology is changing how we work and SMART transforms the collaboration process. Your team can easily contribute ideas from mobile devices, computers, and interactive displays as fast you can think of them. Gone are the days of restrictive PowerPoint presentations or erasing ideas from a white board, with SMART you can add notes and illustrations in real-time and expands your work space as you add files and links over multiple displays and meetings.

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